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Hand Tools for weed control

Our hand tools are custom to different environments, so that you can chose the tools that fits the particular environments you have in your garden.

We have 11 difrent kinds of hand tools that you put on a shaft and one without shaft.

You find the hand tools in the productmenu.

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Leverage method

Work with hand tools for weed control is almost always very demanding and hard work. One of the main reasons is that you do not have a good work method. When working with bracket hoes, it is natural to stand with your back straight when you grip the handle correctly. See the picture to the left. Try to work as close to your feet as possible and move on the surface you are working with.

1. Hold  the hands on the handle still. Press both hands to gear down to the ground.

2.  Push the hand on the end of the handle forward which makes the  tool move against you. The approach radically reduce the load on your back and shoulders while the power ratio increases.

weedfrees weeding tool the thread hoe
Weedfrees diferent weeding tools you can put on a shank

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