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Heat Treatment (with weed burners)

The fastest method!

The approach is that it quickly heats up the green plant which then dies down. The fluid in the cells expands when heated and burst the cell walls. As a result, the plant can no longer absorb fluid and nutrients. Many weeds die immediately after treatment. Root gras such as Dandelion, Ground elder and couch grass withers also down, but the root survives a single treatment. These grasses require repeated treatment and results in impoverishment. Repeated treatment results in the root will be reduced in size. Optimal treatment should be done when the plants are about 3-5 small sized. But if the treatment is constant before the plants are over 10 cm will have a shrinking root mass. This will be visible through the plants becomes thinner and the growth rate of the plant decreases.



Method characteristics:

Quick and Easy

Working speed:                      4-6 km / hr.

Ignition:                                    Piezo

source:                                     Propane

Weather insensitive method.

Easy access to complex sites.



Do not burn the weeds, heat quickly its saving you time and money.

Dandelion directly after heat treatment with weed burner
Dandelion after ca 2-3 days

                        Easy                           Efficent                            Ergonomic